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Pre Arranging

A Tailor made Buddhism Funeral Plan brings the best level of flexibility and personalisation when it comes to Buddhism Funeral preparing, whatever your budget.
From details like the limousines and bouquets, through to the type of coffin and even cemetery and burial locations, everything is completely personal to you. Our professional Buddhism Funeral Directors will arrange everything with you, taking you through all the selections, completing the documents and making sure everything matches your price range.
A Tailor made Buddhism Funeral Plan from Harris Family Buddhism Funerals brings some excellent benefits:

Distinctive - you can produce a Buddhism Funeral Plan that really is completely distinctive, in as much detail as you want.

Personal - you can incorporate detailed services, such as notices in the newspapers, stationery for the Buddhism Funeral and flowers etc.

Reassurance - by making the decisions and arrangements in advance, you save much of the worry for your family members.

Sound financial sense - with a Buddhism Funeral Plan the cost is fixed at today's costs, so you don't pay any more regardless of how prices rise.

Guaranteed - all the services in our Buddhism Funeral Plans are fully covered so there is no more to pay for them; even the charges paid to third parties such as the crematorium or the minister are included.

Flexibility - you can choose from a variety of ways to pay to suit your budget, and you can add to or amend the services in your Plan whenever you wish.

Convenience - If you move home at a later date you can transfer your Buddhism Funeral Plan to any Buddhism Funeral homes across Australia.

We can offer guaranteed plan options where you can pay in advance at todays costs, thus saving your survivors from the burden of having to find funds when it may prove hard. All our plan funds are placed in an government regulated fund Insurance Funds Management.
If you have already obtained a pre-payment plan and want to transfer this to Harris Family Buddhism Funerals, we would be happy to advise you about this.


What if the cost of Buddhism Funerals increases?
The cost of a Buddhism Funeral generally rises each year, but after you have purchased a pre-payment plan the Buddhism Funeral specified will be provided for you when it is needed, with no further charge to you or your relatives. This is probably the most important advantages and why it has become a popular choice with our clients recently.

Will the money be safe?
All payments are made into the Insurance Funds Management. The payment for the Buddhism Funeral to Harris Family Buddhism Funerals can only be withdrawn from Insurance Funds Management when the service has been provided and a death certificate is produced.

Do you pay interest?
No. A guaranteed Buddhism Funeral plan is simply a way of paying in advance for the Buddhism Funeral service. As the value of the Buddhism Funeral Plan raises through the years, so the money available to pay the Buddhism Funeral Director will increase to compensate for rising costs.

Can I pay by instalments?
Yes, there is a range of options - please ask for details. It usually costs more to pay by instalments because of the extra administration involved, and if you die before completing all of the instalments, the Buddhism Funeral will only be part-paid.

Is there an age limit or health restrictions?
No, you can purchase a plan at any age and in any state of health, but please see the note on instalments above.

What if I die away from home?
We propose that you take out travel insurance when you go on holiday, specifically if you travel abroad, which usually covers bringing you back home if required (or we can quote for the extra cost involved).

What if I move home?
If you move home, Harris Family Buddhism Funerals can transfer your plan to a Buddhism Funeral director in that area. Buddhism Funeral charges do vary from one area to another and you will be advised of any change of cost at that stage.

Can I buy a plan for someone else?
Yes, please mention this on your application. We will need the name, address and year of birth of the person to be covered, but we will send all correspondence to you.

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