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Who we are

who we are

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Buddhism Funeral Services with Dignity

We are a family managed and also run Buddhism Funeral Service supplier We provide cost-effective Services at Harris Family Buddhism Funeral home in addition to a full range of Buddhism Funeral services.
Our company support families organise a meaningful dignified Buddhism Funerals for a loved one
Preparations is often made in the comfort of your own home or perhaps in our office
The personalised support is supplied in all communities like the acquiring regarding nearby chapel facilities

Buddhism Funeral Director Advisor (03) 9562 3224

Our company have professional experts in every practical elements of Buddhism Funeral preparations this includes floristry and even monumental masonry referals and we are happy to put you in contact with the local bereavement guidance companies which actually make available very good help at a distressing time period.

Many of our staff members are available even on a 24-hour basis day-after-day all through the year may also be called at any time day or even night.

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Buddhism Funeral Advisor (03) 9562 3224

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